Publications by Members

The History of Nancy Hart Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Milledgeville, Georgia 1900-2010. Heritage Printing, Inc. 2353 River Ridge Road, Milledgeville, GA 31061, 2010 (271 pages). This book describes the organization and history of the Nancy Hart Chapter, drawing heavily on minutes, chapter documents, and state proceedings books. All 500 women who were members of the Nancy Hart Chapter, NSDAR, are listed along with their dates and ancestor. Summaries of the ancestors' service are also included. Other items of note include articles on Nancy Hart, Nancy Hart Park in Elbert County, Georgia, "real daughters" Mary Pool(e) Newsome and Sarah Pool(e), Old Fort Wilkinson, and the Sukey Hart Society, Children of the American Revolution.

Anna Maria Green Cook’s book, History of Baldwin County, 1925, republished in association with Boyd Publishing Company and Mary Vinson Memorial Library, Milledgeville, Georgia, by The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1992, devotes many pages in Part IV to the Nancy Hart Chapter, NSDAR, and its members. Anna, at that time, was the historian of the Nancy Hart Chapter, NSDAR, and she prepared this book as her contribution in that office. Anna felt compelled to “do something” about Milledgeville’s history, so she solicited help from her friends and DAR members to contribute articles and biographical information, which was compiled into her valuable book.

The book announced:  “Printed for the History Committee of the Nancy Hart Chapter, D.A.R. by Mrs. Sarah Hearn Garrard, Mrs. Gertrude Horne Hutchinson, Mrs. Sarah Canty Whitaker Allen, Mrs. Leola Selman Beeson, Miss Floride Allen, Miss Leila Lamar, Mrs. Helen Maxwell Longino, and Mrs. Clara Williams Pottle” – all members of the Nancy Hart Chapter, NSDAR. An introduction was written by Lucius Lamar Knight, LL.D., F.R.S., State Historian, in 1924. The book has been reprinted twice from the original.

Susan J. Harrington, Hugh T. Harrington, and Floride Moore Gardner (Editors), Historic Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia, 1804-1997. Published by Boyd Publishing Company, Milledgeville, Georgia, 1998 (759 pages).

This book provides an every-name index to Milledgeville's first city cemetery, from 1804 on, including 1807 to 1868 (when Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia). The book also provides the maps for locating graves and a brief tour of the cemetery. The database from this effort has since been used in the website: http://www.FriendsOfCems/MemoryHill .*

The book was accomplished by a very large group of volunteers, many of whom are Nancy Hart members. The indexing of the cemetery was largely the idea of Floride Moore Gardner and Susan J. Harrington, both DAR members, and Floride Moore Gardner led the project.

Mrs. George H. Tunnell (chairman) and Mrs. Guy Wells (regent), Tombstone Records of Baldwin Co., Georgia, Exclusive of Milledgeville. This book was part of a project by the Nancy Hart Chapter, NSDAR, Milledgeville, 1939. This book documented approximately 60 cemeteries in Baldwin County, some of which no longer exist. The book provided a basis for the following book:

Elizabeth Dawson, Louise Horne, and Anne King, with Technical Adviser Susan J. Harrington, One Hundred Three Lost or Found Cemeteries of Baldwin County, Georgia, 1814-1999. Published by Mary Vinson Memorial Library, Milledgeville, Georgia, 1999 (272 pages).

A group effort similar to that of the Historic Memory Hill book effort resulted in the publication of this book. This book contains an index to nearly 4000 graves in the 103 cemeteries, directions to the cemeteries, and indices to soldiers of various wars. Again, many DAR members were major contributors to this effort, including Louise Horne, Anne King, Susan J. Harrington, Marcelle C. Bridgeman, Elsie Clark, and Valette J. Adkins. The database resulting from this effort has been used in the website: .*

The History of The First United Methodist Church, Milledgeville, Georgia, Second Edition 1997. It was published in December of 2000, and printed by Studio Designs Printing Company, Milledgeville, Georgia. This work was compiled by the Archives and History Committee of The First United Methodist Church, Milledgeville, Georgia, three members of which are Nancy Hart Chapter, NSDAR, members (Mrs. George Clark, Mrs. James Bray, and Mrs. Tilmon Chamlee).

History of the Old Capitol, Milledgeville, Georgia, by Mrs. Jasper L. Beeson, Mrs. David Ferguson, Miss Floride Allen, Miss Katherine K. Scott, Milledgeville, Georgia, 1941. 22 p.; 28 cm.